Enjoy Purer, Better Tasting Water with the Advantage Alliance™ Program

More than 85% of homes in North America have hard water. If yours is one of them, you might be dealing with issues like dry skin, poor water pressure or even clogged pipes.

A water treatment system can help clear up all those issues and more by softening your water, removing chlorine and reduce scale buildup that can make your appliances break down. It can also filter impurities like iron, sulfur and nitrates.

With our Advantage Alliance™ Program, it’s easy to add one to your home today. Our highly trained plumbing experts will install your new, high-efficiency water treatment system. Then, we’ll take care of everything from there, including water softener salt and repairs.*

You won’t pay anything out of pocket when you enroll, since there’s zero up-front costs or down payment required. With just one low monthly payment, we’ve designed our Advantage Alliance Program to work with your budget.

The best part? You won’t have to buy heavy bags of salt or stress over unexpected repairs. We’ll take care of all the work so you can enjoy all the benefits of softer water without any hassle.

Get Softer Water with the Advantage Alliance Program

Zero Down Payment or Hidden Fees

You’ll get all the great benefits of our Advantage Alliance Program for just one low monthly payment that’s usually less than a cell phone or internet bill. There won’t be any out-of-pocket expenses, down payments or hidden fees when our experts install your new water treatment system. This can save you hundreds in up-front charges, plus you’ll still be eligible to receive any manufacturer rebates.

Skilled Installation at No Extra Charge

We understand being on a budget, but you don’t have to have a handyman install your water treatment system. When you’re an Advantage Alliance member, you’ll get expert installation at no extra charge. Our plumbers and technicians work in homes and businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada every day. And our number one goal is your satisfaction with work done right the first time.

There’s No Repair Fees, Either

We hope you won’t need repairs. But if you do, the Advantage Alliance program covers that too. When you’re enrolled, you won’t have to pay anything for repairs, parts or labor for the life of your home’s equipment.* Instead, you’ll enjoy better-tasting and better-smelling water when you’re one of our valued program members.

Our Experts Are Here to Help You

You won’t have to worry about what will happen next if your water treatment system stops working. We’re here to help when you need repairs. As one of our valued program members, you’ll take top priority when you call us. And you’ll never pay a dime for service or part costs.*

*See your signed Advantage Program Agreement for full details and exclusions.