Upgrade to an Energy-Efficient Tank or Tankless Water Heater with the Advantage Alliance™ Program

Water heaters don’t last forever. When yours goes out, it can create a mess and expense you weren’t prepared for. With our Advantage Alliance™ Program, you can get a new, energy-efficient tank or tankless water heater and worry-free hot water—all for one low monthly price.

Today’s tank water heaters are more energy efficient than ever, especially ENERGY STAR®-rated models. They can help you save more on energy bills without sacrificing comfort.

Not familiar with tankless water heaters? They’re becoming popular because they can be installed in small spaces and produce hot water on demand. You can install yours on a wall, in a closet, or under a sink. And you’ll enjoy endless hot water, since tankless water heaters heat it on demand instead of storing it. This reduces the chance of flooding if there’s a problem and could even lower your utility bill.

As a valued program member, you won’t pay anything out of pocket for future repairs or parts. There’s no down payment required, and you also won’t pay extra for installation, labor or overtime fees. There’s no stress when you let our experts manage this important piece of home comfort equipment. You’ll get to enjoy a new, high-efficiency water heater for one low monthly payment.

Enjoy Worry-Free Hot Water with the Advantage Alliance Program

No Down Payment or Hidden Fees

No down payment is required with our comprehensive Advantage Alliance Program, which covers your water heater thro ugh one low monthly payment. When you have your new water heater installed, you’ll enjoy priority installation and zero out-of-pocket expense. You’ll also save thousands in up-front charges while receiving manufacturer rebates, federal tax rebates and full coverage for future emergencies. All for one low monthly payment that’s typically less than a cell phone or internet bill.

Expert Installation at No Extra Cost

Trying to stick to a budget? There’s no need to have just anyone install your new tank or tankless water heater when you’re an Advantage Alliance Program member. Installation by our expert technicians is included at no extra cost. We serve homes and businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada each day. We’re ready to secure your comfort by getting the job done correctly the first time. If your family grows over the years, you’ll also have the flexibility to change the tank size or style based on your unique needs.

No Extra Fees for Future Repairs

Sounds great so far, but what about repairs? We have more good news for you. The Advantage Alliance Program covers those too. As one of our members, you won’t pay anything for repairs, parts or labor for the life of your home’s equipment.* Instead, you’ll enjoy worry-free comfort during your membership.

Our Experts Are Here to Help

Our Advantage Alliance Program takes away all the stress and worry over water heater failure. Your water heater typically goes out at the worst time. That’s why we’re here to help your family. As a valued program member, you’ll also receive priority scheduling when you call our experts. And you’ll never pay a cent for service or parts.

*See your signed Advantage Program Agreement for full details and exclusions.