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Advantage Alliance partners with dealers to provide the Advantage Program to homeowners in their markets.

The Dealer Advantage

Keep Your Customers for Life

The Advantage Program is an all-inclusive, worry-free option for your HVAC & Plumbing customers. Annual maintenance and $0 repair coverage is included for the full term of the customer’s agreement. You can finally stop worrying about your customers canceling their maintenance plan. Best of all, after the 10 year term is completed you are in a great position to secure a repeat sale with a completely satisfied customer.

Key benefits:
  • 10 years of annual maintenance included
  • Your company is the sole service provider
  • 80% of customers renew after term expires
  • Increase number of maintenance agreement customers

Increase Profitability & Revenue

The Advantage program doesn’t charge our dealers any financing or transaction fees, saving you hundreds of dollars per sale. Our unique membership program incentivizes homeowner to choose high-efficiency equipment and bundling additional products and services, increasing your average ticket and minimizing promotional and cash discounting. By bundling IAQ products into your system option, you’ll increase your add-on sales and capture the filter and bulb replacement sales for the remainder of the term.

Key benefits:
  • No transaction or dealer fees
  • Increased high-efficiency sales
  • Eliminate discounting & promotion costs
  • Increased add-on sales

Differentiate Your Company

The Advantage program is changing the way homeowners and property owners purchase HVAC & Plumbing equipment with our Worry-Free membership plan. By offering the Advantage program to your customers, you’ll be providing the type of all-inclusive program they have come to expect in every other aspect of their lives. Best of all, it’s an offer that your competition simply can’t match.

Key benefits:
  • Participate in growing consumer demand
  • Unique value proposition for homeowners
  • Worry-free, all inclusive offer
  • Limited number of dealers per market

Offering the Advantage program to your customers is as easy as 1-2-3!

Just because we’re changing the way consumer’s purchase HVAC & Plumbing equipment doesn’t mean it needs to be a difficult process for our dealers. Offering the Advantage program to your customers can be completed in just a few simple steps.

1. Lead with Advantage

Present the Advantage monthly membership option alongside your cash purchase price on every sale. Your customers will immediately see the value in an all-inclusive program—no selling required!

2. Confirm the Customer’s Selection

Once the customer has selected their equipment options, simply open the convenient web-based app and complete the sale. The entire process, including a real-time credit approval, can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

3. Sign, Schedule, Get Paid

The customer agreement can be signed in-person or emailed to the customer at a later time. Once the agreement has been electronically signed the installation can be scheduled and completed. Payment is received within days of the completed installation.

Is the Advantage program right for your customers?

The Advantage program offers many benefits over the traditional ways homeowners have purchased HVAC & Plumbing equipment in the past. With the Advantage program, your customers can eliminate the worry of unexpected repairs, the hassle of changing filters and purchasing seasonal maintenance. Instead they can relax and enjoy the benefits of perfectly conditioned air and water all year-round for one, affordable monthly payment. Best of all, they still receive the great service they’ve come to expect from your company—but for Advantage customers it’s included at no additional charge!

No cost 24/7 emergency service
No upfront costs or downpayment
No diagnostic fee
No trip charges
No repair charges – parts
No repair charges – labor
Equipment replaced if it can’t be repaired
Annual maintenance included
No lapse in warranty coverage
No cost filter replacement
All-inclusive, worry-free comfort
Fully transferable
No impact to debt/income ratio or credit

What you get

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